Here's The Story Of Elon Musk Crashing A $3.5 Million Car Trying To Impress Peter Thiel

Here’s an great story from Elon Musk’s interview with Sarah Lacy at PandoDaily.

When he was younger, Musk bought a McLaren F1.

The McLaren F1 is a super car. It’s one of the fastest cars ever, capable of top speeds of 230 miles per hour, according to Wikipedia. There were only 106 of them made. In 2010, a 1995 McLaren sold for $3.5 million. Its original price tag was around $1 million.

Musk was driving on Sand Hill road for a meeting with Mike Moritz.

Peter Thiel was in the car with him. Thiel said to Musk, “So what can this do?”

Musk said, “Watch this.”

A few minutes later the car is spinning in the air, three feet off the ground.

Thiel and Musk ended up hitch hiking to their meeting.

The worst part of it all? The car wasn’t insured.

Here’s the video of Musk telling the story. Watch the full interview at PandoDaily:

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