This entrepreneur created her successful event company from her kitchen bench

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After her 30th birthday celebrations left her with 50 unwanted vases, Elleni Pearce had a lightbulb moment, that eventually turned into LENZO, an online event marketplace where party planners (from novices to experts) can find all their event needs in one place.

“I always had a love for entertaining and thought ‘why not bring the event industry together in the one destination?’ I knew there was nothing like it, and I thought ‘you only live once, and if you love what you do, you will actually do it.'”

Cutting her teeth in the advertising industry for over a decade, Pearce’s experience working with 40 publishing brands and across several accounts with international companies, meant that she already had the business savvy to succeed, and just needed the confidence to pursue it. “I started a business plan when on maternity leave with my first daughter.

The everyday pressures succumbed, and I went back to Bauer Media instead of pursuing LENZO. After having my second child I was absolutely determined this was what I was going to do. I finished the business plan, began briefing in potential developers, and in the interim started an Instagram account to establish the brand or at least create a footprint for myself.”

“When you’re building a business from scratch it can be lonely, exhilarating, challenging, and exhausting. My nights were spent on the laptop trying to work though areas which weren’t necessarily in my expertise. It was a challenge, but I’ve learnt so much for being challenged (and this continues as the business evolves).”

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MyDomaine Australia: What are some of the challenges that come with running your own business?

Elleni Pearce: “Having limited resources is always challenging, it’s a juggle. As a business owner, you need to work out the optimal allocation of the resources you do have, by asking “what is ultimately going to enable you to achieve success?.”

MD: How do you keep up to date with decorating trends that then inform your product offering?

EP: “Instagram is absolutely my number one source of inspiration. I love its immediacy. My favourite account would have to be Design Love Fest. It’s a winner! I try to gain inspiration from international accounts and designers. We then create our own content inspired by trends. We aim to invent the wheel and not follow as much as possible. We start the process with one key trend. For example, a sheer cape and then develop a concept from that one source of inspiration. It’s a winning formula which results in a cohesive piece of content that you can then shop directly via our marketplace.”

MD: What have some of the best moments been when it comes to running your own business?

EP: “For me, it would have to be building a passionate and dedicated team. Initially, it was just me on my kitchen bench in Elwood, Victoria. I now have a business partner who assists with the development side (not in my area of expertise)! It’s so rewarding to see the team grow and to share our challenges and successful moments.”

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MD: For anyone out there planning a big event, what are your key styling tips to make the decorating look perfect, without too much stress?

EP: “Go with your initial instinct. If you are questioning something, it’s not for you! Be true to yourself and love every moment, it’s yours, so own it.”

MD: What do you hope for Lenzo to achieve?

EP: “Ultimately, we want to make the process of planning an event easy. We want our users to find a curated list of suppliers and event supplies in one destination. Inspiring them via our blog, The LENZO Edit, and then make it easy for them to create the ultimate celebration via our marketplace where they can shop the look. We also want to create a community for the events industry, a platform where they can reach a highly targeted consumer actively planning an upcoming wedding or event.”

To plan your next soiree in style, shop and hire your party items at LENZO.

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