Silicon Valley's Craziest Sex Scandal Rages On


ellen pao kpcbEllen Pao, Investment Partner at KPCB

Photo: KPCB

The legal battle between VC Ellen Pao and her employer, Kleiner Perkins, is continuing, with new filings appearing at a San Francisco courthouse this week.

Pao has sued Kleiner and several of her fellow partners for gender discrimination and retaliation.

Earlier this week, Pao’s lawyers filed an opposition to Kleiner’s attempt to force the case into arbitration.

That’s what you’d expect them to do, of course.

There’s a hearing scheduled for July 10 on Kleiner’s motion for arbitration.

Kleiner’s general counsel, Paul Vronsky, argued in a filing earlier this month that Pao didn’t have a case because Kleiner’s individual funds, not the actual firm itself, set compensation for partners. He also noted Pao had recently signed several fund documents which included an arbitration clause.

But Kleiner doesn’t want any of the details of how the funds pay partners made public. The firm has asked for partnership documents entered as evidence to be sealed.

Pao alleged that Kleiner partners retaliated against her after she broke off an affair with another partner, Ajit Nazre, by giving her negative performance reviews and depriving her of a board seat on a company she’d backed. Kleiner has strongly denied Pao’s allegations.

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