Kleiner Perkins celebrates its victory while Ellen Pao thanks her supporters

Now that the dust has cleared and the final verdict is in, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Ellen Pao have issued their final statements on the gender discrimination lawsuit that’s kept Silicon Valley on the edge of its seat for weeks now.

“Today’s verdict reaffirms that Ellen Pao’s claims have no legal merit. We are grateful to the jury for its careful examination of the facts,” said the partners of Kleiner Perkins in a prepared statement emailed to press.

“There is no question gender diversity in the workplace is an important issue. KPCB remains committed to supporting women in venture capital and technology both inside our firm and within our industry.”

Meanwhile, Ellen Pao gave a short statement to the press in the San Francisco courthouse, as reported by various people via Twitter:

“I have told my story and thousands of people have heard it,” Pao said.

She went on to say that if her lawsuit helps just one person have a more level playing field in venture capital, then it was worth it. She also thanked those who reached out to her with their own stories, saying “my story is their story.”

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