Ellen DeGeneres had a priceless reaction after finding out that Shailene Woodley uses sesame oil to rinse her mouth, but doesn’t floss

Shailene Woodley told Ellen DeGeneres that she doesn’t floss. TheEllenShow/YouTube
  • Shailene Woodley appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday and played a game called “Woodley Have Done It?” The actress revealed that as part of an Ayurvedic ritual, she swishes sesame oil in her mouth and it “helps do a lot of great things.”
  • DeGeneres assumed that the “Big Little Lies” star was also attentive about flossing, but was shocked to learn that she doesn’t do that, saying: “What is wrong with you? I was so into you until then.”
  • After Woodley said that seems like “a lot” of steps (brushing, rinsing, and flossing), the host said, “Lose the oil and go to the floss.” DeGeneres went on to stress the importance of flossing and said that she flosses every day in the morning and at night because it reaches particles that go into the gums.
  • In response, the 27-year-old said: “I always thought that if you brush your gums, it stimulated all those little guys and they came out.”
  • Watch the video below (Woodley talks about flossing at 1:26).
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