25 Years In The Life Of Ellen DeGeneres

ellen degeneres cover girl

Ellen DeGeneres is one of those rare, talented celebrities that never seems to fail.

Even more impressively, she’s a personality that’s almost unanimously defined as likable — a simple reputation quality that eludes so many entertainers.

Everyone seems to want to say yes to DeGeneres — this week alone yielded two giant, silly viral moments out of her talk show (starring Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban).

But don’t be fooled — DeGeneres may be all light and fun, but it’s tireless work and ambition that’s gotten her here.

By “here,” we mean: making an estimated $45 million a year.

The show's groundbreaking subject matter earned it an Emmy the same year (and DeGeneres the cover of Time).

1998: Meanwhile, DeGeneres and actress Anne Heche went public with their relationship, which lasted until 2000.

2001: DeGeneres hosted the Emmys shortly after 9/11 and received accolades for her ability to balance a more reserved tone with patriotic jokes.

2004: DeGeneres began dating actress Portia de Rossi.

2007: DeGeneres hosted the Academy Awards, further upping her host profile.

2008: DeGeneres married de Rossi following the overturn of California's ban on same-sex marriage.

The same year, she became the face of Cover Girl cosmetics.

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