Scott Brown Says Elizabeth Warren Has A Secret Roster Of Corporate Clients

elizabeth warrenElizabeth Warren

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren was pilloried by right-wing bloggers Monday for practicing law in Massachusetts without a licence there.Now, her opponent, Republican Senator Scott Brown, is calling for her to release a full list of her corporate clients,

“There is a list, and it does exist,” Brown said in a letter to Warren.

Here are the companies we already know have been represented by Warren, who has touted herself as an advocate for consumers:

  • LTV Steel – Warren helped the bankrupt industrial conglomerate write a U.S. Supreme Court petition in the 1990s, the Boston Globe reported Tuesday. LTV was reportedly crusading against a Congressional requirement that it pay millions for retirees’ health care.
  • Warren also represented travellers Insurance in its Supreme Court quest to gain immunity from asbestos claims in exchange for creating a fund for victims.

However, both of these clients are absent from her faculty bibliography, which lists Supreme Court briefs she filed for non-corporate clients. The clients that are listed include the American Association of Retired Persons, a group of professors, and a trade association.

Right now, it’s unclear whether she’s represented corporations other than travellers or LTV Steel, and her campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

Her campaign released this statement regarding the LTV case, according to the Globe.

“Elizabeth is a bankruptcy expert and has fought for years for a strong bankruptcy system that makes sure retirees, employees, victims, and others can demand payment from insolvent companies and get a fair shake.”

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