Elizabeth Warren's First Press Conference As A Senator-Elect Was Totally Awkward

elizabeth warren first press conference as senator elect

Photo: Boston Herald

Elizabeth Warren just had her first press conference as a Senator-elect with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, the Boston Herald reports.Patrick kicked things off saying that he and Warren had met and discussed pressing issues facing the state that Warren would be taking on when she got to Washington.

Then Warren took the mic, and that’s when things got awkward.

The presser only lasted for about 11 minutes, and Warren only spoke for about 4 minutes, stumbling over questions about defence spending and the fiscal cliff.

And no Wall Street, she didn’t really answer any questions about what committee she would be joining when she got to the Senate. Sorry.

From the Boston Herald:

What committee assignment would she like?

“I will continue to talk with the leader about it,” said Warren.

But what committee would she like?

“I will continue to talk with the leader,” Warren repeated.

Warren seemed to finally hit her stride the fifth time she was asked about women.

“Let’s get serious here,” said Warren. “This is 2012, and we’re talking about 20 per cent of the United States Senate is female. That’s not an overwhelming number. … We’re on the right trajectory, but there’s still a lot to do.”

Everyone’s a little nervous their first time, right?

Read the full report at the Boston Herald>

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