Here's Why Last Night Was The Most Important Event In Elizabeth Warren's Political Career

Elizabeth Warren

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Last night, Democrat Elizabeth Warren — a consumer advocate, former President of Harvard and the architect of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — made a speech moments before Bill Clinton that rallied the Democratic base and conveyed the attitudes and talking points of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. That might be because she’s relying on them to fund her campaign against incumbent Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race.

Warren’s campaign is unique in that most of her funding comes from liberal cities in the rest of the United States — rather than from her home state.

elizabeth warren fundraising

Photo: Walter Hickey/BI, data from centre for Responsive Politics

Warren gets most of her funding  from a sprawling network of supporters amassed during her time on the national stage as a consumer advocate in the wake of the financial crisis, according to data from the centre for Responsive Politics.She’s received generous support from Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia. 

Scott Brown is outpacing her in fundraising, bolstered by a strong show of support from the financial services industry — a sector that is highly unlikely to back Warren, an advocate for more regulatory oversight of the sector.

So last night was crucial for the aspiring Senator, because she was addressing LA and New York donors much more than Boston voters.  

Sen. Scott Brown has $14 million on hand to use in this race. Warren has about $2 million less than that. Warren needs more money to keep the race competitive, and it’s not coming from Massachusetts. 

Here’s how much Brown has outpaced her when it comes to raising cash in the general election:

brown warren fundraising

Photo: Walter Hickey/BI, data from centre for Responsive Politics

So last night may have been a Hail Mary play for more national funding for Warren. If she can’t make up the difference, she may be toast this election. 

Watch her give her speech to the crowd at the DNC:


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