ELIZABETH SMART: Give The Cleveland Kidnap Victims Some Privacy

Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart, who was abducted from her Salt Lake City home at age 14 and missing for 9 months, appeared on CNN to talk about the three missing Cleveland women who were found alive on Monday.

Smart says the media should respect the victims’ privacy and that people “don’t have the right to dig into the nitty-gritty details” of what they went through.

“They need time to go back, see their family, I think they need their privacy more than anything,” Smart told Wolf Blitzer in an interview. “They should have their right to move on with their life.”

Last week, Smart spoke at Johns Hopkins University and said she understand how people could be held in captivity for so long. She said she didn’t run away because she felt “so dirty and so filthy” after being raped.

She also wants the victims to know that their ordeal doesn’t diminish their value.

Smart said she’d be “honored to speak with” the victims if they want her to, and said they should “live their lives the way they want.”

“There are so many adjustments that need to be made,” she said. “Going back to the family, going back to freedom.”

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