Elizabeth Holmes says Theranos uses its proprietary information for all finger stick blood tests

Elizabeth holmes theranos

Elizabeth Holmes explained what technology her company, Theranos, uses when it conducts its revolutionary finger-prick blood tests.

“When we do finger stick, every time, we use the proprietary technology. Every time.”

But when the tests are done using a venous draw, that blood sample is run over commercially available technology.

This is the first time Holmes has made it clear which technology is being used for each test.

As of now, the only test that’s allowed to use Theranos’ proprietary technology is for herpes simplex.

Holmes spoke Wednesday morning at the WSJDLive conference in San Francisco.

Holmes’ company, Theranos, came under fire after a Wall Street Journal article pointed out some inaccuracies in the test’s results from the company’s proprietary blood-testing technology.

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