Eliza Dushku Crashes Twitter's Hearts (But Not Its Servers)

Eliza Dushku at TwitterTwitter’s Melissa Linehan with Eliza Dushku.

Photo: @elizadushku

Despite this morning’s outage, it wasn’t a totally horrible day at Twitter headquarters!That’s because actress Eliza Dushku visited the company’s Market Street home base in San Francisco.

Dushku even bravely offered to take the blame for the server crash.

From the tweets we’re seeing, it looks like she visited with the company’s fast-growing team that works with media and entertainment properties. She ate eggplant and squash at the Twitter cafeteria. And she purloined a toothbrush.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, who apparently had a brief visit with Dushku, recently told the New York Times that the company has a special team that works with celebrities, as well as politicians, athletes, and media companies.

“We call them V.I.T.’s internally, Very Important Tweeters,” Costolo said. “It’s cute; we’re all about being adorable and cute.”

Kind of like Dushku!

We’re not sure what prompted the visit, but we know that Dushku is in San Francisco today to help launch Thrive, a nonprofit that’s helping victims of the Ugandan civil war.

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