Eliza Dushku Tries To Use Economy To Boost Dollhouse Ratings


Poor, Dollhouse. Stuck airing in the doomed Friday night timeslot, which usually fails to attract enough viewers to keep a TV show alive for long.

But according to star Eliza Dushku, the recession could save her show:

“[W]ith our economy right now, and where we are in our country, and with Obama saying we need to scale back and cut down with this inordinate amount of consuming we do, we need to take responsibility, and I think this is a nice reason to give people to stay home on Friday nights.”

Nice try; she couldn’t even say that without laughing. We’ve been saying for months that cheaper forms of entertainment like watching TV should do well because of the recession, but it seems people are still going out. And Dollhouse isn’t doing spectacularly in the ratings department, so unless a widespread urge to be frugal creates a new wave of Friday-night viewers, the show’s still at risk of cancellation.