Elite NSW Police Have Been Sent To The Border To Keep Motorcycle Gangs Out

Photo: Getty Images

Elite New South Wales gang squad police have been sent to the Queensland border to prevent outlaw motorcycle club members entering the state, fleeing tough new laws.

According to The Daily Telegraph around 10 officers have been stationed at Tweed Heads to monitor the situation after Queensland legislated strict new rules which make it illegal for gang members to congregate.

They also face longer prison sentences and are barred from owning tattoo parlours, and can have their bikes crushed for some offences.

“There is nothing we have seen that suggests the bikies problem is being displaced to NSW,” gang squad boss Detective Superintendent Arthur Katsogiannis said in the article.

“We have a number of police there monitoring the activities of the gangs and their operations.

“The Finks have been spoken to and we are sure they are not coming down here.”

There’s more at The Daily Telegraph.

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