Elisabeth Murdoch Paid $185,000 For An Empty Cardboard Box At Arki Busson's Charity Gala

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Rupert Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth may have just purchased the world’s most expensive cardboard box.

Elisabeth, 42, who is a media force in her own right, won the box in an auction at a charity gala hosted by hedge fund royalty Arki Busson last week.

Her winning bid? $185,000.

The box was supposed to be signed by Prince William and his new wife, who were in attendance at the star-studded event, which would have perhaps justified the steep price tag.

But there was a catch: the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are barred from signing autographs by royal protocol.

From The London Evening Standard:

It later emerged that, before dinner, Kate had offered to sign, and wanted William to sign too, but [hedge fund manager Ian] Mr. Wace lost the packet and could not secure their signatures before they left – and effectively auctioned their promise to sign, rather than their actual signatures.

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