Eliot Spitzer Wants His Old Job Back!

Eliot Spitzer would like to be Wall Street’s Sheriff once again says the New York Post’s Page Six.

If Andrew Cuomo decides to run for governor in 2010, and the New York Attorney General job opens up, Spitzer thinks he could make a run at it. According to the Post he’s told friends: “My record as governor was disappointing, but the voters will remember my excellent two terms as attorney general.”

If Spitzer made a serious run at the job, he might be able to grab it. Getting people to forget about transgressions with prostitutes isn’t all that hard. An op-ed here, a column there, an appearance on the Today show, and people can’t even remember why they wanted him run out.

With all his skeletons out of the closet, it can work to his advantage. What’s one of his no-name opponents going to say that hasn’t been said already?

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