Eliot Spitzer Tells Maria Bartiromo 'You Are Under Oath Right Now' During Unbelievably Tense CNBC Interview

The normally rambunctious Business Insider office went totally silent this afternoon when former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer went on CNBC to be interviewed by Maria Bartiromo.

The general topic: Malfeasance on Wall Street, using the latest LIBOR and JPM stuff as a peg.

Where things get really tense is in the second half of the interview when the subject turns to Hank Greenberg, whom Spitzer went after as New York AG.

Around the 7:30 mark, the question turns to whether Spitzer’s pursuit of Greenberg was merely a personal vendetta, with no basis in reality.

This goes on for a bit, and Maria presses Sptizer on some comments he may or may have not said that sounded threatening to Hank Greenberg’s law firm.

But then around the 10:20 mark, Bartiromo challenges Sptizer’s use of the f-word (fraud), at which point Spitzer aggressively defends himself, saying, “Facts matter Maria… I know this is cable TV, but facts matter.”

Then it gets REALLY intense at the 11 mark, when Spitzer presses Maria on whether she’s read a certain document eventually saying “You are under oath right now!… I am being very serious right now, you’re not a national TV program.”

To which Maria responds “I am not under oath with you…. I am not in your courtroom, you are on my show!”

Right around the 12:07 mark it sounds like Bartiromo is trying to wrap it up, but then they let it go for another minute.

Great stuff!

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