Eliot Spitzer Completely Collapses In New Poll

Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer and opponent Scott Stringer are in a dead heat in the New York City comptroller’s race, according to
a new poll from Quinnipiac University.

Among likely Democratic voters, both Spitzer and Stringer grab 46% of the vote in the upcoming Democratic primary. The primary is Sept. 10.

That’s a huge plunge from Spitzer’s 19-point lead in the previous Quinnipiac survey, which was released two weeks ago. As a grain of salt to the poll, however, Quinnipiac polls have been rather erratic in both the comptroller and mayoral races.

In the new poll, the main source of strength for Spitzer continues to be his standing with black voters, with whom he leads Stringer by 12 points. But that’s down from a 47-point advantage from the last poll, and is the driving factor in his plunge. Stringer has a 58-35 lead with white voters.

There is little gender gap between the two candidates.

Stringer voters are also more definitive in their support — 77% say they will “definitely” vote for him, while only 72% say the same about Spitzer. Only 13% of likely Stringer voters say they might change their mind, compared with 18% for Spitzer.

“Public polling is catching up to what we are seeing on the subways and streets. New Yorkers are looking for a comptroller with a proven record of honesty, integrity and putting the middle-class first,” Stringer campaign manager Sascha Owen said in a statement.

“After five years since he left office in disgrace, New Yorkers are being reminded of the mess that Eliot Spitzer left us. As voters around the city get to know Scott Stringer, they are seeing that the choice is clear – and we’ll be fighting to the last hour to win over every last one of them.”

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