Eliot Spitzer's Ashley Alexandra Dupre Cashes In

A star was born earlier this week, and she was fortunate enough to already have decent-quality products available on the Internet. The price of Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s Amie Street songs instantly soared from pennies to $0.98, and now, according to the Post, has settled around $0.68. And that just the beginning for this very physical digital entrepreneur.

Highlights from the Post:

  • $200,000+ from song sales so far (300,000+ downloads) (Update: We take issue with the Post’s numbers — here’s our analysis.)
  • $1 million offer from Hustler magazine
  • Offers from Penthouse, et al
  • $1 million offer from Kick arse Pictures for a starring role
  • Expected $1 million offer for a book deal.
  • Hypothetical “Client No. 9” perfume deal
  • “Six figure” offer from Georgi Vodka to star in their butts-on-buses campaign (“She’s probably got the most popular butt in America right now,” a Georgi executive says). Georgi also wants to create a new product around her called “Vodka No. 9.”
  • Commercials, tabloid-TV shows, a sexy clothing line, and more.

The Post’s expert estimates that Ashley could coin $2.5 to $5 million off this publicity bonanza and calculates that she “would have to service Spitzer 581 to 1,162 times at her going rate of $4,300 for four hours to earn the same amount of money.”

The downside: Her new business success will make her ineligible for further representation by her public defender. Also, the 22-year old will be besieged by reps, managers, advisors, acquaintances, and agents of all types, some of whom will no doubt persuade her that she can’t afford not to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. In the moment, this will seem like pennies, but if her career trajectory follows that of other instant web stars, will soon leave her penniless again.

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