CNBC's Squawk Box Crew Just Went HARD After Eliot Spitzer

SPITZER kernan

Eliot Spitzer is on Squawk Box this morning, not his most loved audience as he was the Sheriff of Wall Street back in the day.

So let’s not preamble. First question came from Andrew Ross Sorkin and it was not a joke.

“Would you trust a felon to manage your money?”

Spitzer, the consummate politician, flipped the question. He said that New Yorkers should look at his record as a reformer, “I was one of the more prescient voices on Wall Street… criticised of National Review for saying that we should rein in national debt… I didn’t buy into the “new paradigm,” he added.

Things only got worse form there. Sorkin pointed out that Spitzer was the state’s top cop but broke the law… more about redemption, yadda yadda and then this gem from Sorkin.

“Can you unequivocally say you haven’t been with a prostitute?”

Spitzer said “Yes… eventually the questions about my private life will have to defer to the issues of this campaign.”

But it wasn’t going to be this morning. After Sorkin was done with his questioning, Joe Kernan stepped in, “You were Gov of NY, do you just want to be controller or be Governor again?… Hookers infidelity, we read about it, I don’t want to sit in judgement…. It’s almost as if someone wonders if there’s a screw loose and wonders if that could happen again,” said Kernan

“I’m not hurt like people that were close to you,” he added later, “but it’s almost like a Shakespearean thing.”

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