Eliot Spitzer Has Already Moved Into Kathleen Parker's Office

parker spitzer

Maybe she had the nicer office?  Or maybe he was just trying to symbolically drive home the fact he is top dog. 

Or drive it home further.

Meanwhile, their parting in real life was almost as brief and cool as it was on TV.  The last afternoon Spitzer apparently found himself alone with Parker, according to the Daily Beast.

You’re a talented writer, Spitzer told Parker, and you’ve won a Pulitzer Prize. For whatever reason, this TV thing just hasn’t clicked. Then, as he so often did on their program, he got in the last word.

“Remember,” Spitzer said. “Not everyone is good at everything.”

I guess that is Eliot Spitzer‘s way of being consoling.  The Beast also reports this disagreeable tidbit. 

Adding insult to injury, CNN had asked Parker—a winner of the H.L. Mencken Writing Award whose column appears in 400 newspapers—to lighten her hair colour. By November, the network was refusing to pay for the salon work.

As Peggy Noonan once noted during the 2008 election…for women it always comes down to hair.  And then this: “Parker told colleagues that she had met with a camera coach three times, but that the only takeaway that emerged was to look at Spitzer when Spitzer was talking.” 

Maybe there will be a memoir.

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