This Tiny Car Gets 84 Miles Per Gallon And Costs Just $US6,800

We’ve seen quite a few flashy, teched-up cars at the Las Vegas CES showcase, but this teeny-tiny three-wheeler was one of the most interesting.

The car, made by American auto-startup Elio Motors, gets 84 miles per gallon and costs only $US6,800. It had surprisingly comfortable seating for two people and Elio considers it one of the greenest, gas-powered cars out there.

Elio Motors recently raised more than $US7 million and locked-down space in a GM Manufacturing plant in Louisiana, but you won’t be able to buy the car until early 2015.

Check out some more photos of the car:

The car has passed all necessary safety ratings to hit the road:

It would definitely be a cozy way to travel.

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