Elin Nordegren Tore Down Her $12 Million House So She Could Build The Exact Same One

elin nordegren house

Last week, Elin Nordegren tore down her $12 million home in Florida so she could build a better one.

TMZ got its hands on Nordegren’s plans for the new home, and it looks like almost an exact replica of the one she tore down. Both homes are “traditional/colonial” with similar shapes, according to TMZ.

But before everyone jumps down Elin’s throat, there may be a good reason for her demolition. A source told People of the old home that was built in the 1920’s:

“It wasn’t built to the South Florida wind-loading codes of today that were put in place because of hurricanes. We had an architect and a structural engineer out here and everyone agreed that it made more sense – structurally and economically – to tear it down and start over.”

And, Elin wanted to donate cabinets, and extra materials to Habitat for Humanity, but when Habitat’s team went in to pull out the windows and wood, they realised the house was infested with ants and termites.

Click over to TMZ to see what the new house plans look like >>>