Eliminating Energy Saving Bulbs And Other Ways To Get Those Picture Perfect Real Estate Listing Photos

15 cpw servant apartment

[credit provider=”via Brown Harris Stevens” url=”http://www.bhsusa.com/manhattan/upper-west-side/15-central-park-west/condo/1538882″]

This post originally appeared at BrickUnderground.a while back we posted a quick photo-staging primer culled from the on-the-job learnings of three apartment photographers at Gotham Photo Company.   Today we take it up a notch with some suggestions that go beyond cleaning the windows inside and out.

1.  Removable storage makes your apartment look bad, so remove it

“The existence of removable storage throughout an apartment suggests something about the amount of available built-in storage, and it’s not good,” says Gotham photographer Reven T.C. Wurman.  “Take away any cheap, flimsy, unmatched and over-filled items. You wouldn’t have them in your apartment unless you really needed the extra storage.”

Bye-bye special shelving unit that fits over and around the toilet, microwave cart and all those extra rolling racks, baskets and cabinets filled with stuff.

What can stay? 

“Some might be effective as part of the decor,” says Wurman, such as a stylish pot rack, a good looking entertainment centre in the living room, or even that hollow ottoman.

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