A 10-Year-Old Boy Sent His Medal To The Canadian Olympians Who Lost Theirs Through Disqualification

It was a sad sight to see the Canadian team get disqualified in the men’s Olympic 4×100 meter relay after Jared Connaughton stepped out of his line. The team lost their bronze medal and were photographed in tears.

However, one 10-year-old fan stepped in to help, offering the team a medal he had won in a recent soccer tournament.

On Monday Justyn Warner tweeted the letter and medal Newfoundland resident Elijah Porter had sent him and his teammates. Porter’s kind action will receive its own reward too — Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortens has announced they will give him a medal and a bicyle for his efforts.

Here’s the letter:

Elijah Porter Letter

Photo: https://twitter.com/justynwarner

Here’s a transcription (via Reuters):


“Dear Justyn, Gavin, Jarred and Oluseyi,


“I’m Elijah Porter. I’m 10 and I live in Newfoundland, Canada. When I heard what happened on Aug. 11, I knew it was wrong. The rules were not right. But, at last, I realised how good you were.


“We’re Canadians. We persevere. We create better lives for each other. The cold didn’t stop us from living in the North. We didn’t lose the War of 1812. We adapt and survive. We earned our freedom.


“Someday if I become a biologist, or if I get rich, and, if I remember, I will donate money to the summer and winter Olympians. I hope you like the medal!”

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