Eli Manning Has Classified Himself As An Elite Quarterback

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Eli Manning believes he is in the same class as Tom Brady.He also believes he is not a 25-interception quarterback.

That’s what the New York Giant told “The Michael Kay Show” on ESPN New York 1050 Tuesday.

Here’s the thing.

Manning isn’t in the same class as Tom Brady. Few are. And he is a 25-interception quarterback. At least that’s what his 2010 statistics say.

To be fair, when an interviewer asks a yes-or-no question about your own talent level, what do you expect him to say?

But, he finished the 2010 season with the 17th best quarterback rating. His aforementioned 25 interceptions? Tops in the league.

Things won’t be getting any easier this season now that he’s lost two of his favourite targets to free agency: Steve Smith and Kevin Boss.