22 People Are Injured As A Flatiron Elevator Drops From Fourth Floor To Basement


[credit provider=”josh parent via flickr” url=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2470103296″]

22 people were injured when a freight elevator fell five floors, from the fourth floor to the basement, this morning at a retail building in Flatiron.The address is listed as being Chelsea’s Bed Bath and Beyond store, though the FDNY said the accident happened in a warehouse behind the store.

According to DNAinfo, 24 construction workers plunged to the basement with nine suffering serious injuries. One of them reported:

“Have you ever been to Great Adventure?” said Paul Giampiccolo, 47, an electrician from New Jersey who was on the elevator but wasn’t hurt.

He said they reached the fourth floor of the building, but the elevator doors didn’t open.

Then it started to drop.

“We held onto the walls and each other, we braced ourselves,” he said.

“We knew there was a bottom, but we didn’t know how far it was.”

The workers were taken to Beth Israel and Bellevue Hospitals.

At 620 6th Ave., the Siegel Cooper Dry Goods Store is an historic structure, and city inspectors are investigating what went wrong.