An elephant in a 'bad mood' because it couldn't find a mate went on a rampage through a Chinese town, damaging 9 cars

Weibo/LSTVThe elephant in the town of Meng’a.
  • A male elephant has damaged nine cars in a Chinese town, all because he was upset he couldn’t find a mate.
  • Videos posted to Chinese social media site Weibo documented the adult elephant while it spent 30 minutes damaging cars.
  • The Asian elephant came into the town of Meng’a on March 24 and began venting its frustrations, before forestry officials and market stall owners were able to usher it away.
  • Experts said the male elephant – called “Xiang San” – was cut off by its herd after it couldn’t find a mate, leaving it in “a bad mood.”
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An elephant went on a ramage through a small Chinese town, stomping on and damaging nine cars during a mood-swing caused by its failure to secure a mate.

The adult male Asian elephant was filmed by residents of Meng’a, Yunnan province, on March 24 careering around the town and causing damage, footage posted on social media site Weibo by the region’s Political and Legal Committee shows.

Experts said the elephant – called “Xiang San” – got cut off by the rest of its herd when he couldn’t find a mate during the mating window of “estrus,” which left it in “a bad mood.”

Man elephant Meng'a chinaWeibo/FutureNetworkA man tries to coax the disgruntled Asian elephant away from the road on March 24.

No one was hurt during the 30-minute rampage, and a team of local forestry officials, market stall owners, and firefighters eventually managed to shoo the elephant out of town, the report said.

Elephant chinaWeibo/PearVideoThe elephant eventually left the town.

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Meanwhile, amused pedestrians watched the carnage from the footpath.

Asian elephant chinaWeibo/PearVideoThe Asian elephant passed by stalls and shops in Meng’a.

Three days after the elephant made its first appearance, it returned in a slightly more peaceful manner, walking around the streets.

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Elephant chinaWeibo/PearVideoThe elephant causing trouble in Meng’a.

The local forestry monitor told Chinese media the elephant was “on the streets again because of the failure of courtship and the loss of love.”

Watch a compilation video of the elephant’s exploits here.

The Asian elephant lives exclusively in the Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Xishuangbanna and Pu’er City, in China’s southwest Yunnan Province.

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