Elena Kagan Is Next Supreme Court Justice

Justice John Paul Stevens SCOTUS (AP)

Who will be the next Supreme Court Justice to retire? And who will be the next to don the robe?

The last weeks have been full of speculation (including nods to Hillary Clinton and President Obama), but Tom Goldstein’s view of the inevitable outcome at SCOTUSBlog contains some interesting insights — not to mention from someone with extensive knowledge of the Court.

His main points: Justice John Paul Stevens is out, U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan is in, and Justice Ruth Ginsberg is not going anywhere.

Goldstein goes on to handicap other prominent attorneys whose names should and will be thrown in the ring when Justice Stevens takes his retirement. The political and future implications are significant, and Goldstein’s round-up is an early road map to the intricacies and complications of the almost-certain upcoming nomination to the court.

Read the full treatment at SCOTUSBlog.

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