Electronic Arts Hit With More Anti-DRM Lawsuits (ERTS)

We all know how much gaming geeks hate the DRM measures built into Electronic Arts’ (ERTS) “Spore.” But credit them this: at least a few of them are doing more about it than complaining on the Internet and launching ineffectual campaigns on Amazon (AMZN). Two new class-action lawsuits have been filed against EA over the copy protection locks, with another one already in the works.

At issue: Whether EA should have given notice its DRM solution — called “SecuROM” — gets installed automatically, even with the trial version of Spore, and whether the uninstallable SecuROM goes on to wreak havoc on users’ computers.

We’ll be watching these cases progress through the courts. But we note that we’ve been following the Spore controversy closely — and if the widely-disliked SecuROM really was causing users’ computers to go haywire, as the lawsuits contend, we’re pretty sure there would have been more about it on the Internet than this.

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