Eight-Gear Electric Vector Bike By Polaris

This is the Vector Electric Polaris Bike.

Why We Love It: For anyone who’s ever wanted to bike to work without sweating through your shirt, the Polaris Vector is for you. When turned off, the Vector is a regular (though slightly heavier) eight-gear bicycle — but when the motor is turned on, this e-bike will give you an added power boost.

There’s a dashboard on the handlebars that allows the rider to hit the power button and choose what level of assistance is required. It also has a smart ARC Regen system that saves energy when the bike is going downhill, and can even sense what terrain the bike is travel ling on and adjust accordingly.

The battery on the Polaris Vector bike can last up to 30 miles, and comes with a smart charger that turns off once the bike is fully recharged to avoid energy waste.

Polaris Vector Bike

Photo: Polaris


Polaris Vector Bike

Photo: Polaris

Where To Buy: Available through Polaris dealers. Find one near you by visiting the Polaris website.

Cost: $2,999.99.

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