Electric Guitars, Barbecues, And Other Over-The-Top Hotel Perks


On a secluded African island, you’re finishing dinner in your private cottage when there’s a knock at the door.

Villagers from the local church choir have arrived ready to perform a song and dance ritual just for you.

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That’s the kind of above-and-beyond room service to expect at Tanzania’s Lupita Island retreat.

These days, attracting travellers takes more than just good service—it takes oodles of creativity. Hotels are one-upping each other with the most unexpected of amenities, large and small, serious and silly. From in-room art lessons to personal Book Butlers to homemade ice cream for your pooch, we’ve uncovered the world’s over-the-top room service offerings, whatever your idea of pampering or price range.

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At the Hard Rock Hotels, for example, you can now live out those rock-n-roll fantasies thanks to a free loaner Fender guitar and high-performance floor amp for undisturbed in-room jamming. While that jives with the chain’s music vibe, other hotels are going to equal lengths to deliver a party to your door.

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San Francisco’s Cavallo Point turns guest rooms into speakeasies with a Personal In-Room Bartender ready to mix margaritas, mimosas, or Salty Dog cocktails while you lounge.

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Of course, a party scene isn’t every guest’s idea of vacation. For those on a quest for quiet, quirky hotel perks, the Gansevoort Hotels in New York City can oblige with Healer sessions: crystals, acupuncture, vibrational therapy, and energetic rebalancing. Or travel further afield to the Tree of Life Resort & Spa in Jaipur, India, where you can get your om on with a master yogi in one of 14 private villas.

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The little extras can make a difference, even for the youngest of guests. Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, CA, brings the fun of the outdoors in with freshly baked s’mores and in-room pop-up tents for happy campers to play and sleep in for the night.

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Read on to find out what anything-but-ordinary hotel amenities can be delivered at the touch of your room service button. Just be forewarned of a possible side effect: cancelling those sightseeing plans to stay in instead. 

Click here to see the craziest hotel perks 

Hôtel Le Toiny, St. Bart's

A giant wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano arrives at your door--complete with a chef turned cheese sculptor who carves it into the shape of a bowl, then adds spaghetti and black truffles for a decadent feast.

Hôtel Americano, New York City

Chelsea's slickest hotel--and a T+L It List hotel for 2012--gives the bento-box treatment to everything from smoked salmon and toast to beef tacos with all the trimmings.


Conrad Chicago

Taking the art of zzz's to dreamy new heights, this Windy City hotel offers moreSleep Menu options than you can count sheep. Herbal elixirs, calm-inducing nightcaps, h20 hydrating treatments, an exhaustive custom pillow collection, and rest-worthy technology from books to music are just a few of the bedtime luxuries.

Hotel Guaycura, Todos Santos, Mexico

In the buzzy beach town of Todos Santos, you can capture the unobstructed views of the Pacific with in-room art lessons taught by local Mexican artists.

If Indonesian beaches are more your style, brush up on your painting chops atAmanjiwo, where you can watercolor sights like the Borobudur Temple from your private villa's dipping pool.

Enchantment Resort, Sedona, AZ

Talk about a raw deal. Filet mignon, Colorado lamb chops, and other barbecue favourites come spice-rubbed and ready for DIY grilling on your casita patio.

Four Seasons

The Stanford Court Hotel, San Francisco

To get a flavour of the Bay Area without leaving the comforts of your suite, request a private blind-taste test at San Francisco's Stanford Court.

Local artisanal cheese accompanies three wine country--aged vinos--and if you guess the wines, the tasting is gratis.


Hard Rock Hotels

The Langham Hotel, London

Literary notables Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle all frequented this posh, Victorian-era landmark.

Today even casual readers can get special treatment from the hotel's dedicated Book Butler. Bedside reads are personally selected and hand-delivered just for you.

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