Electric Cars Are Too Expensive

tesla roadster fast tbi

Japan wants hybrids to be louder. [Green Inc.]

GM turns into Toyota. It is considering its carbon footprint and community impact from its car plants. [WSJ]

Q and A on the climate bill. [WaPo]

Energy spending charted. [Energy Source]

What is the point of a gas tax? [Energy Source]

The sustainable Wal-Mart, lower shelves, wider aisles, LED lights…[Retail Traffic]

Thank God Andreessen isn’t dumping any money into clean tech with his venture fund! [Earth2Tech]

GM will fire 4,000 managers and go greener by October. [Bloomberg]

This is how Obama can avoid Carter’s mistakes. [The Atlantic]

Is China paying just a third of the price for its wind turbines? [Environmental Capital]

Massive oil glut will cause the price of oil to drop to $20. [Naked Capitalism]

Germany utility E.On snaps up a PV company. [Dow Jones]

Electric cars are too expensive. [Autopia]

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