ELECTIONS LIVE: Sadiq Khan to become new London mayor

  • The official result in the election for the next Mayor of London is expected to come in at some time after 6 p.m. BST.
  • Labour candidate Sadiq Khan will succeed Boris Johnson, after leading the count throughout the day and getting 44% of first preference votes. His Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith received 35% of votes. Any other result is hugely unlikely to happen.
  • Four London boroughs have already declared their results, with two going to Labour and two to the Conservatives.
  • A Labour victory in London gives leader Jeremy Corbyn a reason to celebrate after what has been a tough day for the party in Scotland. Labour were beaten to second place by the Conservatives in the Scottish Parliament elections.
  • It comes after a mixed day of results in other provincial elections. Labour won the most seats in the Welsh Assembly elections, but fell just short of reaching a majority.
  • In England, Labour became the first opposition party to fail to increase its seats during a mid-term election since the 1980s, but the party’s vote share nationally is expected to be up.

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It should not be long now before we get confirmation of the new Mayor of London. Labour’s Sadiq Khan will be crowned as the new mayor when the result is officially announced, after getting 44% of the first round of votes. The Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith got just 35%. The chances of anything other than Khan becoming mayor happening are now virtually nil.


Welcome to the fourth and final British election live blog. A great deal has already happened. Check out our past coverage here, here, and here.

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