Election Tracker: Obama and McCain Early Results

The polls have been open for nearly five hours in New York City and yet we still don’t have any leaked early exit polls. Unacceptable! We want data now, even if it’s purely anecdotal. Fortunately, we have a plan.

Let’s start swapping polling place data right here. Leave a comment below with any intelligence you have picked up about your local polling places. Or, if you are shy about leaving a comment, send an email to us. Later this afternoon, we’ll compile the results and report back to you.

We’ll start with our own experience.

Carney: My local voting spot was a public school in Park Slope, Brooklyn. (Side note: does voting inside public schools unfairly bias voters to cast votes in favour of candidates who favour spending tax money on schools? Or is it the opposite?) The line stretched for nearly three blocks from the school. It took about two hours to get from the end of the line to the voting booth. Park Slope is a hugely Obama favouring neighbourhood, so this presumably is a signal of a huge turnout for Obama. I didn’t actually vote yet, by the way. I just wanted to see the early morning action.

Weisenthal: I too voted in a public school, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I haven’t voted at this location in a general election before, so I can’t judge how the line — about 20 minutes or so — compared to past years. But it was pretty chaotic and the poll workers seemed a bit overwhelmed, so I’ll assume that means traffic was high. I have no idea how my predominantly Polish neighbourhood leans, though I assume that the young hipsters in the line, about half, probably leaned Obama. I was actually struck by how civil it was. Nobody pushing other people out of line. Nobody yelling at each other. For all the anger and mudslinging you see (like in the comments of any blog), it’s almost awkard how nice people are in person.

Blodget: Lines around block in Brooklyn early a.m.  No lines in Manhattan at 1PM.

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