ELECTION ROAD TRIP: Agriculture Minister Joel Fitzgibbon Has A Problem In His Back Yard, Literally

Joel Fitzgibbon

The federal agriculture minister Joel Fitzgibbon has a bit of a problem in his own back yard.

A voter in his electorate of Hunter we spoke to today said he was a neighbour of Fitzgibbon’s and his biggest issue was some unkempt grass by the minister’s property.

Daniel, who couldn’t give his full name because he was in the pub while he was supposed to be at work, says the minister fails to trim grass around the boundaries of his property.

He said Fitzgibbon had not done a good job for the electorate because “he doesn’t mow behind his back fence.”

Daniel, 34, says he says he’d like the chance to ask the minister about it.

“He waits until the council mows it.

“I’ve been going to offer him my services, $40 every time I do my own lawn.”

Daniel will be voting Labor.

We’re awaiting a response from the minister.

Ben Collins is on a road trip from Tony Abbott’s electorate of Warringah in Sydney to Kevin Rudd’s electorate of Griffith in Brisbane, speaking to voters and business leaders about their concerns ahead of the election on September 7.

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