The Crowd In Times Square Was Thrilled Last Night [PHOTOS]

times square new york election 2012

Photo: Joshua Berlinger for Business Insider

Thousands of people braved the cold last night to watch election night in Times Square.The crowd was pretty liberal, with loud cheers following victories for Barack Obama — and huge celebrations when he won the whole thing.

People were also excited that CNN was handing out free hot dogs.

Times square was relatively empty when polls began closing at 9:00 p.m.

But the press was already on the scene.

People got there early in order to grab seats at CNN's seating area on the north side of Times Square.

Even those who were too young to vote were eager to watch.

CNN was offering free hot dogs, water, and other swag to people who came by.

Many spectators were interviewed by press from around the world.

There was even a stand-in President Obama taking pictures with visitors.

The crowd began to roll in around 9:30-10:00 p.m.

Flags were everywhere

The crowd was pretty left-leaning; loud cheers followed Obama victories.

Obama takes Minnesota, and the crowd gets noticeably more excited.

There was a fair amount of waiting around in the cold.

A spectator celebrates Obama's California win.

As the west coast polling figures began to trickle in, the audience got more tense.

And the result?

Barack Obama wins the election!

The crowd was pretty stoked.

You could hear the celebration from blocks away.

Spectators were ecstatic at the announcement.

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