ELECTION 2016: How the leaders performed on social and mainstream media

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten. Mick Tsikas – Pool/Getty Images

Prime minister and Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull took an early lead and kept it throughout the election campaign, according to analysis of social and mainstream media by Meltwater.

Bill Shorten, the ALB leader and opposition leader, couldn’t keep pace with Turnbull, especially on social media where the prime minister has a strong presence.

For example, Turnbull has 628,000 followers on Twitter to Shorten’s 147,000.

But when it comes to parties, the ALP is the clear winner of news media mentions, gathering 49% to combined Liberal/Nationals 39%. This is possibly due to the fact that the Coalition is very much hanging its campaign on the personality of Turnbull.

On social media, the roles are reversed with the combined Liberal/National mentions at 50% and the ALP at 40%.

This chart shows the combined total of mainstream media mentions since the start of the campaign. Turnbull is well ahead.

Turnbull had a big boost at the start of the campaign when he announced the election. His numbers then eased back and kept steady. Bill Shorten maintained a steady pace of media mentions, as this chart shows:

Share of Voice

Social Media

On social media, Turnbull was also the clear winner when it came to mentions, as this chart shows:

The Issues

The issues most reported, and those commented on in social media, were mainstream. The Coalition’s push on innovation wasn’t as prominent as health and tax, as this chart shows:

Meltwater tracks coverage from major Australian online national, metropolitan and regional publications as well as online only news sites. It also listens to and analyses conversations across social media platforms in Australia, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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