Elance Updates Its Website — 4 Lessons We Can Learn

Elance, the popular freelance outsourcing site, recently unveiled new features and an updated, “less is more” look.

The company said it incorporated suggestions from its users to make the site more intuitive and efficient. Here are some of the site’s improvements, and lessons that can be learned:

Uncluttered Homepage. The redesign helps visitors quickly understand what Elance is about—”Hire Online Workers. Get the Job Done.” Since your homepage only has a few seconds to either intrigue or lose visitors, an uncluttered homepage with a focused message greatly improves your chances of conversion.

Simpler Navigation. For logged-in users, Elance has squeezed the main navigation bar to four drop-down categories: Hire, Find Work, Manage and Resources. If your website’s navigation is well-categorized, concise and straightforward, your visitors can find what they’re looking for a lot faster.

Useful Tools. One of the new tools on Elance is the “My Contractors” page. This feature allows clients—the ones who hire freelancers (and who Elance taps for revenue)—to easily see their entire team with key information like project cost, status and completion date. With your website, keep your customers happy by implementing features they’ve suggested, or ones you know will make their experience on your site better.

Customers as Marketers. Elance now allows clients to invite and bring in outside contractors into its platform. It’s a handy way for clients to consolidate an entire team of contractors in Elance. For Elance, it’s a smart tactic to include clients in its marketing efforts. Your website should include features that allow your users to become ambassadors for your company, and participate in word of mouth marketing. Features like “Send to a Friend” and social media sharing are good starting points.

You can read more about Elance’s improvements here.

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