Retail workers say they're scared to go to work after 2 shootings this weekend at a Texas Walmart and a bar in Ohio

Two mass shootings in two days at places of work – one a Walmart and the other a local bar – seem to have left some retail employees reeling and afraid of what could happen at their jobs.

Scores of Twitter users are tweeting stores describing how the shootings have affected their places of work. Some say they’re terrified to go to work, and others say the incidents have caused them to think about what they would do if a shooting happened at their workplace.

“I wonder if today is the day we become the next mass shooting location,” one Twitter user wrote.

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20 people killed, 26 injured in a mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart, Texas officials say

The two mass shootings this weekend left 29 people dead. Twenty people were killed Saturday at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and nine more were killed early Sunday morning near the bar Ned Peppers in Dayton, Ohio.

Here’s how some on social media are reacting to the most recent slew of mass shootings and how they say the incidents have affected their workplaces:

A Twitter account that shares stories about baristas posted that the shootings led to a discussion at Starbucks about what they would do if one happened there.

“F— this paranoia,” another Twitter user wrote.^tfw

A Twitter user who described working at a different Walmart location said this past weekend wasn’t the first time she had “pictured myself in situations like that at work.”

“I’m f—ing terrified, y’all,” another Twitter user said. “I work a service job with a looot of angry customers. All it takes is one.”

News about an anti-immigrant manifesto linked to the Walmart shooter seemed to prompt fears that other businesses frequented by immigrants could become targets.

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Authorities are investigating an anti-immigrant manifesto they believe the El Paso shooting suspect may have written

One user encouraged retail employees to not go to work if they were scared, saying it’s not worth it to “stress yourself out for some minimum wage job.”^tfw

Some were left imagining where they would hide and what steps they would take if a shooting occurred at their workplace.

A self-described Target employee said on Twitter that the Walmart shooting made them “genuinely terrified” to go to work.

Retail employees are left wondering where the next mass shooting will take place and whether the place they work could be next.

One Twitter user said it’s “unnerving” to think about showing up at work, where he’s at risk at being in harm’s way.

One Twitter user posted a photo she said showed a ribbon she was given as a Walmart employee to “show solidarity.” But she said that she’s “constantly thinking” about where she could hide in the case of a shooting.

For its part, Walmart has posted on Twitter that the company is “in shock” and is working with law enforcement after the El Paso shooting.

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