'El Chapo' Guzmán is willing to testify on behalf of Kate del Castillo

El Chapo Guzman lawyer trial plead caseUnivision InvestigaJosé Refugio Rodríguez, a lawyer for Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán.

Jailed Sinaloa cartel kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán would be willing to testify on behalf of Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, according to comments from one of his lawyers, reported by EFE.

“I don’t see any problem [with] any legal prosecution, she did meet interview with me, we did talk of the movie, but it is a lie that she received a single peso on my part, I never gave her a single peso,” Guzmán said during a meeting in at Altiplano maximum-security prison, his lawyer, José Refugio Rodríguez, told Radio Fórmula.

The Mexican Attorney General’s office is investigating the del Castillo on suspicions that her tequila company was involved Sinaloa cartel money laundering. Mexican Attorney General Arely Gomez has said there were “indications” the actress may have used money from Guzmán to help finance the business.

Del Castillo and her lawyers have said their meeting was only related to a possible movie about the drug kingpin’s life.

A Mexican official said that their meeting, in which actor Sean Penn also participated, was what helped the government track down Guzmán.

In late January, del Castillo said that she thought the Mexican government was trying to “destroy” her.

Earlier this month, the attorney general’s office put out an order calling del Castillo in for questioning.

Her lawyer said that she would be willing to speak with Mexican investigators, but only if they meet in Los Angeles, where she lives.

“Obviously if they want to talk to her, they can come here, through the US government, and she’ll be happy to talk,” her lawyer told AFP.

“If the Mexican government wants to talk to her,” he added, “they can call the US government and the US government arranges it.”

Del Castillo was closely involved in arranging the meeting between Guzmán and Penn, which yielded Penn’s widely criticised Rolling Stone article.

Del Castillo, according to her lawyer, has said she feels “betrayed” and “used” by Penn in his effort to secure an interview with Guzmán.

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