This Is What Happened To Occupy Wall Street Protesters After They Were Evicted

Eileen WeisingerActress Eileen Weisinger from Iron Man 2 was at Foley Square providing Occupy info.

Photo: Robert Johnson

Following the Occupy Wall Street evictions from Zuccotti Park Tuesday, protesters went to Foley Square about a half-mile away near City Hall.There, they set up actress and stunt-woman Eileen Weisinger, with a sign offering information about the “Mobile movement.”

Weisinger didn’t offer her background, but something about her was strikingly non-protester like, so we looked her up when we got back to the office.

Weisinger sent us to the intersection of 6th and Canal Street.

The following slides show what we found and what the protesters were up to following this morning’s raid.

Photos by Daniel Goodman.

Zuccotti Park is empty and protesters are mourning their eviction

Police are standing inside the perimeter of a makeshift fence, refusing to allow anyone in and unable to say when the park will open

The park received a thorough cleaning

This man wept and said he was abused by police

Occupiers that managed to salvage some of their possessions were on the move trying to find someplace to rest

This group expected to land back at Zuccotti but were surprised to see it still fenced off

Media sat around waiting for something to happen

This is where Occupiers ended up: at 6th and Canal

Some managed to get out with boxes of pizza

This guy called for people to march to the courthouse, but he had the wrong address

This girl gave instructions on how to get friends and loved ones out of jail

Fliers were already up on trees at Juan Pablo Duarte Square

Having been woken up at 1 a.m. by police, protesters were largely exhausted

This girl, in the red, from NYU's Journalism School called on protesters at last nights raid to talk to her. We didn't witness any takers.

Medics called on the crowd for donations to replace their medical supplies seized in the raid

Everyone waited to see what would happen next

Instructions and random thoughts were called down from the wall lining one side of the square

And some protesters, just kept on protesting

Police were vigilant for any signs of trouble

At 11 a.m. there wasn't much to worry about

Check out what the scene looked like following this morning's raid

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