Eike Batista Gives A Defiant First Interview Since The Collapse Of His Brazilian Empire

Eike BatistaREUTERS/Fred ProuserBrazilian Eike Batista, chairman and CEO of EBX Group, gestures as he is introduced as one of the world’s wealthiest men, prior to the ‘Global Overview: Shifting Fortunes’ lunch panel discussion at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California April 30, 2012.

For months Eike Batista has been silent. The erstwhile billionaire has had more important things to do than maintain his strong presence on Twitter — he has had a Brazilian commodities empire to save.

But to keep us updated, yesterday Batista, who reportedly lost $US2 million a day last year, broke his silence to the Wall Street Journal. If anyone expected him to strike a conciliatory tone for his failures, especially the ones that have negatively impacted the Brazilian stock market, they’ll be disappointed.

Eike says he’ll rise again, and that rise is starting now. It’s on his astrological map, actually. June, when the news broke that his oil wells would not produce as promised, was also mapped as a dark period for him (from WSJ):

“If you look at my astrological map, this period wasn’t favourable for me,” Mr. Batista said during the interview, pausing and staring into space for a moment. “The good period? It has already started, literally this month,” he added.

According the WSJ Eike has been working tirelessly to raise $US1 billion selling some of his oil drilling equipment. He looks it too — tired abd “bleary eyed.”

“I am the biggest loser in this. I tried to create wealth for all of us. That was the reason we raised all the money — to create wealth and share it,” said Mr. Batista late Friday in his office overlooking one of Rio de Janeiro’s bays. “I believed in it. Living in a country that has these gigantic oil discoveries, why shouldn’t I have been blessed with one?”

The managers that found oil for Batista were not as good as extracting it, he said. And there was only so much he, as the overseer of the entire empire, could do about it’s 6 moving parts — the six companies under Batista’s EBX holding company umbrella — and how those parts were managed.

During the interview he kept mentioning Elon Musk and how Musk once said that starting a business was like “eating glass.”

“I am eating glass,” said Batista.

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