Eight-Year-Old Girl Filmed Driving 60 MPH On Icy Road In Russia

Police are investigating after a video emerged of an eight-year-old girl driving a car at 60mph on a snowy road as her parents look on from the passenger seats.

Police in St Petersburg have begun an investigation after Dmitry and Lena Mikulchik filmed their eight-year-old daughter Karina driving their Audi on what appears to be a public road.

This video posted online shows Karina passing another vehicle and reaching speeds of 100 km/h (60mph) as music blares out in the background.

Barely tall enough to see over the steering wheel, the girl can be heard telling her parents: “A child of eight can drive a car.”

Meanwhile her father, who is watching the speedometer, proudly remarks “one hundred kilometers per hour,” as Karina accelerates.

Despite the speed and the snowy conditions, neither Karina nor her parents appear to be wearing seatbelts.

The footage has gone viral on the internet attracting nearly 500,000 views in three days. Some viewers critise the parents, with one calling Dmitry the “worst father in the world,” but others praise the couple for allowing their daughter to learn to drive early.

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