Eight Ringling Bros Circus Performers Plunged To The Ground In A Shocking Accident [VIDEO]

Eight circus performers hit the ground when the apparatus they were suspended from collapsed in front of a live audience in the US yesterday.

The act – known as the “Human Chandelier”- was part of a new show by 144-year-old Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus in Providence, Rhode Island.

Eight of the performers were suspended by their hair above the ground when the rigging holding them gave way, dropping them between 25 and 40 feet to the ground.

All survived and are “conscious” in hospital, according to a circus spokesman, along with another member who was underneath them at the time. Up to 11 others have been reported as injured.

Several videos taken at the time show the announcer calling “suspended only by the …” just before they fall.

It takes some time for the audience to realise there has been an accident.

One child asks: “Are they supposed to fall like that?”

The spokesman told media the act had been part of the show since January and that no accident of this magnitude has happened before in the history of the longstanding circus.

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