Eight In Ten Australian Firms Know When An Employee Will Resign: Here Are The Five Signs They Look Out For

A vast majority Australian employers claim to know when an employee will resign from the organisation, based predominantly on five key signs of unhappiness or disengagement.

According to a newly released report by recruiter Robert Walters, 83% of companies said they knew when an employee would resign, based on the following:

  • lateness;
  • increased sick days;
  • more time spent on personal emails, phone calls and websites;
  • negativity towards their work or colleagues; and
  • focus on the short term rather than any long-term plans or solutions.

According to the report, Australian professionals spend an average of three to four years in a role and leave because they no longer feel challenged, no longer fit in with colleagues or the company culture, or feel undervalued or underpaid.

About half (52%) of workers said they would tell their employers that they were unhappy before searching for a new role, out of respect for the company and to avoid burning any bridges.

There’s more in Robert Walters’ report.

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