You Need To Be Following These 8 Athletes On Instagram

serena williams

Sure, we love watching athletes play sports, they’re powerful, fast and just exciting to watch.

But sometimes they can be even more entertaining off the field.

Especially when they Tweet, and upload pictures to Instagram, showing what their lives are really like out of the spotlight.

From a world-renowned soccer player to a tennis icon you need to be following all of these athletes on Instagram.

Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk is an Instagram enthusiast, constantly churning out shots like this.

Here the Birdman skies above a Mega ramp.

Chris Benchetler is a professional skier and outdoorsman, and he posts some spectacular photos like this one here.

One of the many mountain vistas shown on Benchetler's account.

Brazilian soccer player Kaka is one of the world's most followed athletes, and an Instagram user.

Here he documents a Real Madrid training day.

Surfing superstar Kelly Slater in the pipe of a wave.

Just a day in the life for Slater.

Serena Williams shows off her wild side.

Kevin Durant out for a leisurely bike ride around the White House.

Pro skater Rune Glifberg, a friend of Hawk, travels the world and always takes pictures.

Daytime in Times Square.

Knicks swingman J.R. Smith turns the camera toward teammate Jeremy Lin.

Last, but not least, New York Knick J.R. Smith's shoe collection.

Sometimes they even Instagram their awesome outfits

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