These are 8 of the most creative 'Minecraft' creations ever

Microsoft HoloLens Minecraft 2MicrosoftA demonstration of ‘Minecraft’ using Microsoft’s HoloLens technology, a ‘mixed-reality’ headset.

'Project Wasteland' seeks to recreate the look and feel of 'Fallout.'

A screenshot from 'Project Wasteland.'

'Fallout' is one of the most popular open-world series around. It's set in a post-apocalyptic America. Radiation spoils the landscape and bottlecaps are currency. The game world is enormous. Modder and builder Dvnt set out to create the landscape and gameplay of the series within 'Minecraft' -- complete with all-new creatures, a 'Pip Boy' electronic device straight out of the game, and a heads-up display.

You can learn more about the ongoing project, known as 'Project Wasteland,' here.

'Atropos' is a giant, gorgeous


It's hard to say what 'Atropos' is. It's got buildings, caverns, giant mushrooms, smokestacks -- all slotted into the intricate body of a giant turtle. The name comes from one of the three ancient Greek goddesses of fate.

The beauty of this build is in the seamless integration of macro and micro. Here are some screenshots from within the great chelonian.

(image url='' alt='Atropos turtle minecraft' link='lightbox' size='primary' align='center' nocrop='false' clear='true')

(image url='' alt='Atropos minecraft' link='lightbox' size='primary' align='center' nocrop='false' clear='true')

(image url='' alt='Atropos innards minecraft' link='lightbox' size='primary' align='center' nocrop='false' clear='true')

(video provider='youtube' id='PK-QBGlBykI' size='xlarge' align='center')

You can download 'Atropos' and find out more about the project here.

This hammerhead shark sky battleship is straight out of an unwritten sci-fi movie.


'Atropos' isn't the only stunning 'Minecraft' uber-megafauna around. This 'Redeemer-Class Gunship' is a feat of over-the-top biomimetic design. Creator Rossky writes, 'Building this 2,045,747 blocks project took 43 days with about 2-6 hours of building every day. '

If only we had an alien super-guppy invasion to give us a reason to build one of these in real life.

'Captive Minecraft' introduces a whole new style of gameplay.


Most famous Minecraft creations rely on huge scales. It's easy to understand why: more size takes more effort, and is therefore easily impressive. But map builder TheFarlanders took things small for 'Captive Minecraft.' The map begins only a block wide, and grows as players reach new achievements.

The map also has the best trailer I've seen for any 'Minecraft' creation:

(video provider='youtube' id='sLeSeVZd84U' size='xlarge' align='center')

Sometimes 'Minecraft' players just wanna jam, so one user created this playable piano within the game.


This computer built in 'Minecraft' can (sort of) play 'Minecraft.' What if you build a computer within the computer within 'Minecraft?' Minecraftception!

Hans Lemurson/Mojang

Holy friggin' bologna, Pokémon now live in 'Minecraft!'

A huge team of people is recreating Tolkien's Middle Earth.

Minecraft Middle Earth/Mojang

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