ENERGY 2040: Here Are The 11 Most Important Slides From The EIA's New Global Outlook

belgium nuclear plant

The Energy Information Administration, one of the government’s greatest research outfits, has released its latest outlook for what the energy landscape will look like by 2040.

The takeaways:

  • Oil’s share of world energy plummeting.
  • Coal is going nowhere. It will be the second-most widely used energy source.
  • The fastest growing energy sources will be renewables.
  • Oil prices could be ludicrously high, insanely low, or reasonably higher. It is impossible to say exactly where they will be years from now.

We’ve selected 11 key charts from the EIA’s 33-slide presentation.

Oil is on the wane, and by 2040 there will be a more even distribution of energy sources. Renewables are set to rise sharply.

Nuclear is not going away. Led by China, nuclear's share of world power will grow by 2 points from 2010 to about 60 quadrillion BTU.

Despite controversial extraction methods, natural gas use will nearly double...

But the US will be just the third-largest producer. How can that be?

Ah — it turns out the rest of the world has lots of untapped shale like the U.S.

Coal will remain the leading source of electricity generation...

And China will continue burning massive amounts of it.

As a result, coal will continue to be the leading source of carbon dioxide emissions.

Depending on political outcomes, Iraq could become a world beater in oil production.

Finally, there is an astounding range of projected oil prices...

Which will depend on GDP growth and evolving demand elasticity (aka consumption patterns).

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