Egyptian Political Blogger Handed Three-Year Jail Sentence


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Freedom of the press took a hit in Egypt.Maikel Nabil, a 26-year-old political blogger, was sentenced to three years in jail after being found guilty of “insulting the military.”

According to the story, he was convicted without lawyers present at a trial that took place “almost in secret.”

Nabil was frequently critical of the army on his blog.

On Monday, Democracy Review posted a letter he penned in jail:

Thoughts fleeing from the military prison by Maikel Nabil

In an unjust country, the natural place for the honorable ones is a prison .. Do not be sad, my friends, I am in the natural place.

I made a mistake while I was speaking at the Hisham Mubarak centre, when I announced that I will write the second part of my article: The Army and The People Were Never One Hand. But when I was arrested to prevent me from writing an article, then this is a the greatest award I could receive in my life.

This is the seventh time I was arrested .. Twice in Syria, and twice at the hands of Egyptian police, and three times at the hands of the army … How many more times is this required of me before I can live free?